Caste System

The Thysian caste system is religiously motivated and corresponds each major race on the continent to a specific domain of specialty and dominance. Authorities around the land have enforced the castes to various degrees of severity. Conformity might be mandatory, or maybe it was just expected; non-elves have been forbidden from practicing arcane magic for much of history. Ruling powers have, over the years, had a hand in interpreting the “proper” legal interpretation of the caste’s simple dogma.


Humans have been known as the race of money. The wealth of early pioneers, shrewd investment, and persistent legal support has kept make humanity the undisputedly richest demographic in Thysia. Humanity has controlled much of government through the ages on the argument that they have the innate right to tax, and thus the right to spend public money as a government. The tenuousness of this argument of rulership may account for the turbulent nature of the ******* empire.


To elves belong the domain of magic. A typical elf in any period of time will be a modest spellcaster. This includes all self-respecting eladrin and also half-elves. Some religious literalists have considered arcane magic by other races to be blasphemous, but critics have argued that strong elven lobbies are behind this mentality in the government. Opponents suggest that the theocracy uses this excuse to force humans and other races into divine magic.

Caste System

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